New Media Projects

The current project for our New Media class is to create a simple, 15-30 second animation using Adobe Animate CC, with some sort of thematic connection to Inverness or the surrounding Highlands.

I’ve decided to go with the mythological angle and focus on a local monster of legend, the Boabhan Sith. [Source]

The Baobhan Sith is a particularly evil and dangerous female vampire from the highlands of Scotland. They were supposed to prey on unwary travellers in the glens and mountains. The name suggests a form of Banshee.

The Baobhan Sith is a derivative of the Banshee legend (itself a malevolent Fae creature oflore) The original story is of a group of revellers who are set upon by a group of blood drinking fae folk – essentially vampires in all but name, but I’ll be simplifying this to just the two characters – one Boabhan Sith and her victim.



This was the original storyboard covering the first scene of  the animation – however since it’s supposed to have more of a specifically Inverness related theme, I decided to switch this around and have it showing a scene of a road approaching the city instead of a generic cottage in the middle of nowhere. As mentioned above, I also decided to simplify it down to just the two characters.

My modified storyboard ‘rough’ for the first scene of the animation.  The first was similar to this but I wasn’t happy with position or proposed animated features of the main character, which was probably a little too complex for a first attempt at this sort of thing! So I decided to rework it into a slightly different scene that should hopefully be easier to tackle.


A still image with all the rough main components from the first part of the scene…I’m not happy with how the graphics are turning out at the moment though – My initial idea was to work with a silhouette outline for the ‘Sith’ character, but on reflection I think this is probably going to be TOO basic looking – so I think I’ll probably switch to something with more of a ‘hand drawn’ look instead.

…the old look



…and the updated look (WIP)

final graphics example 1

Finishing off Scene 1:

Next: added a simple animated title card which cuts in just after this initial scene to allow for a complete shift to a new perspective…


..which then shifts to a different, close up view of our main character which has only a few small, quick frames of animation to finish off this first scene.


Working on Scene 2:

Started working on the next scene, starting with a front view of the main character (still hand-drawn and digitally painted to keep things consistent. For this one, I’m sticking with frame by frame animation…testing it in photoshop before switching over to ‘Animate’.






These are a little rougher than I intended because of time constraints but I think they get the idea across. I needed the finale of the animation to be an attack on an innocent backpacker, but in a way that didn’t strain my lack of animation skills!

I decided to imply rather than show directly and added two quick scenes. An overhead view of the vampire closing the distance to attack and a final close up of the signage with blood splatters appearing (if there were sound – assume there would be terrible screaming and crunchy noises)


After that, it just fades to black slowly before looping.

Overall, this was a bit of a struggle to get things to work the way I envisaged in my head, but I think now that I know what to do (and what NOT to do) I think any future animation attempts would be a whole lot smoother. Also, I’d try to curb my expectations a little and not try to tackle something so ambitious right off the bat!


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