An update

…haven’t done one of these in a while :O

Digital portrait, WIP. Still got more to do, especially on the hair.

portrait 1 stage 1



Been in a bit of a cyberpunk mood of late, and I wanted to try out the artboard pack I bought and so combined the two with some watercolour-style inks…

Turns out the ink and the mixed media art boards i was using work really great together, so I’ll definitely be doing more of these!

Summer Project Idea

So, given that I don’t seem to have much to do for the next few months until I start my degree course, I figured to keep busy I’d set myself a little challenge. Right now, all I really know is that I want it to somehow involve highlighting some of the many women creators working in the comic book industry, right through from the Platinum age through to present day.

Possibly, this will take the form of a pack of collectable cards but I’m still not 100% sure at this stage.

Right now, I’ve just done a couple of quick sketches of the ‘Queen of Comics’, Nell Brinkley, to try and help me figure out how best to approach this. The first is done as close to her style of work as possible, the colour one in my own style.