An update

…haven’t done one of these in a while :O

Digital portrait, WIP. Still got more to do, especially on the hair.

portrait 1 stage 1



Been in a bit of a cyberpunk mood of late, and I wanted to try out the artboard pack I bought and so combined the two with some watercolour-style inks…

Turns out the ink and the mixed media art boards i was using work really great together, so I’ll definitely be doing more of these!

Design Practice – An introduction.

An Introduction for Design Practice class.

As mentioned briefly during the introduction to this course, I am a former, mostly self taught, website designer of 15 years – now changing direction to focus on moving into illustration. While I tend to focus mainly on traditional work (specifically, ink and watercolour) I’m also capable of working digitally with Photoshop and other packages, adobe or otherwise. Even though my focus is not on Graphic Design, I like to think that I am flexible enough to tackle projects in that area as well…

Examples of my work follow!

  1. GRAPHIC DESIGN (Poster graphic for Dicksons of Inverness)Originally this was provided for a social media campaign Dicksons of Inverness was running, which was to provide a simple, easy to understand checklist of things that any driver should keep in their emergency vehicle safety kit at all times. I’m not the biggest fan of using Illustrator, but it seemed to be the best tool for the job, and I tried to create a fairly simple but aesthetically pleasing three colour design. Hopefully, it should almost work even if you took away the text and just had the imagery. Although ostensibly for online use, I designed the original in 300 dpi at a quality high enough to work as a printed poster, in case that was required.Although it’s not really my focus, this is probably my favourite thing I’ve created from the graphic design side of things.



One of my favourite things to do is to try to put a unique spin or twist on traditionally represented classics, playing around with the original ideas in (hopefully) interesting ways.

In this case, we were tasked with creating illustrations for the classic Dante’s Inferno. Rather than go traditional, I decided to turn the story into a mildly cheesy, retro space adventure, switching out grim Dante Alighieri, for Allegra Dante – a space adventurer trying to find her way home through a hostile corner of the universe.

I created several images in a graphic novel style, re-interpreting the various Characters and events in each Canto into appropriately themed encounters ( the companion Virgil is now an automated floating AI helper, Limbo is a dead and abandoned planet, Lust is a hedonistic pleasure world, and even Allegra Dante herself is coloured to match the author Alighieri where possible.

These were all hand drawn in pen and ink, and then coloured in Photoshop, with formatting and type added in InDesign.

3. HAND ILLUSTRATION (Personal Work)

Where possible, I lean heavily towards doing hand-drawn illustration over digital, preferring to work in black and white with ink, watercolour, or with coloured ink. If it makes more sense for a specific project, I’ll keep the drawings black and white and then colour them digitally in Photoshop, such as with the Dante imagery above.

Below is one of the more recent images I’ve created, a cyberpunk re-interpretation of the Queen of Hearts. As well as putting twists on popular characters and stories, I am a big fan of adding tons of little details into the images I create.


While I tend to be more traditionally focused and don’t do a *huge* amount of fully digital work (beyond colouring ink drawings), I do occasionally paint directly via digital means – normally using either Photoshop, Painter or ArtRage.

My best example of which, in my opinion, is probably still my Elf ‘Decker’ portrait I created for use as a character portrait for the recent series of Shadowrun themed Computer RPG’s.

I have a thing for Cyberpunk and Lovecraftian horror. You may have noticed.