Mermay #6 – “Kawaii”

Model reference : Martha “Ladymarthachan” Cameron , Posted with permission.

See her youtube channel here!



MerMAY #1 – “Space”

Another month, another arbitrary themed drawing challenge list! This time it’s Mermaids, apparently! I’ll probably not get through the whole list (as usual) but it might be fun to try (as usual).

I’ll be using this ‘alternative’ list of ‘maids by , since i thought the categories were a bit more interesting…


Up first,  Mermaid No 1 : “Space”


“Driving Ambition”

New project added to the site: Driving Ambition is a prototype version of a simple card game, designed to promote safer driving by young men in the Highlands of Scotland. The idea would be to provide copies of the game (either purchased at cost, or in free print and play formats) to schools, youth groups, etc.

It’s still only a prototype, and will require extensive play testing and refinement, but overall it’s a fairly solid base from which to work…