IMG_4867-98-1I am a mature student working towards a Visual Communication Honours Degree. In a former life I was website developer working for small local businesses in the Inverness and Highlands area for the better part of 15 years. After reaching an emotional breaking point in both my career and personal life I decided a complete change of career was required, and I returned to the art and design I always loved in High School.

That ‘leap of faith’ led me directly to where I am today, starting with Further Education and an NC Art & Design Course leading me through to my current Degree work.

Medium wise, I work in a mix of traditional pen and ink, watercolours and digital painting. My art focus is currently on book, graphic novel and comics illustration but I have also recently been pushing into board and card game design, with a handful of projects I hope to push into full development after I complete my studies.

 ABOUT MY WORK A lot of my work tends to focus on women and minorities as central characters, particularly with LGBTQ+ themes, partly due to my own personal circumstances as a Transgender Woman but also due to a developing need for more diverse genre content, particularly in comics and graphic novels. Beyond that my influences veer wildly from pulpy old-school science fiction and Cyberpunk, through to the Cosmic Horror of H.P. Lovecraft and similar authors.

I’m a big fan of storytelling through visuals, and am particularly keen on hiding little puzzles, secrets and Easter-eggs throughout my work, whenever I get the chance. My other prime obsession – games, puzzles and mysteries – has a habit of seeping into my work as well, whether illustration, general graphic design or my ongoing board game and puzzle projects.


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